Jun 2016

AWARE’s school program renews contracts

School’s out, summer is about to start, and AWARE Comprehensive School and Community Treatment program is already gearing up for the next year.

New contracts were approved last week for the Anaconda, Bonner, Billings and Great Falls programs while the Helena contract will soon be released.

According to Karen Hendricks, CSCT service director, the good news is that five teams are being added to AWARE’s extensive program. Anaconda added two to its existing two teams, and Great Falls added three to its existing seven teams. Billings is holding steady with 11 and Bonner with one. Add Helena’s three for a total of 29 AWARE CSCT teams for the 2016 – 17 school year.

New contracts occur annually throughout all the school districts AWARE serves. It’s a good thing “because it gives the school districts a chance to review what’s occurred or add something new if needed,” Hendricks said.

Each CSCT team consists of a therapist and treatment support specialist. They work side by side with school administration and teachers on a daily basis, offering individual or group therapy for mental, emotional and social

“CSCT is a beautiful program if you think about it,” Hendricks said.

Hendricks gave several examples that show how a CSCT team provides value to the schools they
serve, which includes

  • helping teachers with individual children if they are having an emotional event,
  • helping parents keep their child in school if an emotional event arises,
  • helping children overcome an emotional event that occurs in school or at home,
  • educating teachers on mental health and other emotional issues,
  • teaching students to navigate appropriately through social skills groups and
  • providing therapy on a daily basis Monday through Friday.

AWARE’s CSCT program is primarily supported through federal Medicaid funding to help eligible children whose parents have Medicaid insurance, but it also helps other eligible children in the school who might need help during the day.