Aug 2016

AWARE Inc. celebrates 40 years of service

Picnics are scheduled across Montana for all employees in celebration of AWARE’s  40-year anniversary. AWARE CEO Larry Noonan plans to attend each picnic to visit with staff and to talk about the future. Pictured is the Helena picnic, which was held at Women’s Park August 25. In addition to the Helena picnic, several others have already taken place with a few more to occur in the next few of weeks.

Find the dates of each picnic here:

Bozeman, August 11; Kalispell, August 18; Great Falls, August 23; Helena, August 25; Billings, September 1; Eastern Montana, September 2; Butte, September 15; Anaconda, September 22; and Missoula September 23.

AWARE CEO Larry Noonan visits with staff during the Helena picnic held August 25.

AWARE CEO Larry Noonan visits with staff during the Helena picnic held August 25.


Aug 2016

Bozeman company hired to build AWARE brand

AWARE Inc.’s 40 years in business offers a unique blend of experience. Over the years, the organization has worked diligently to build an array of comprehensive treatments and services that help adults and children gain independence on their own terms.

Now AWARE is ready to move forward and clearly promote the wonderful services it offers. To do so, AWARE hired the branding experts of Flying Horse Communications in Bozeman to build a brand that effectively markets these programs and services to the public.

Branding work began the second week of July with an initial meeting including AWARE leadership and the experts. A second meeting was held a couple weeks later to continue the discussion.

The purpose is to create a consistent and clear message that represents all of AWARE’s programs and services. It’s a message that’s easily applied to all marketing pieces – think logos, business cards, brochures, advertisements, etc. It’s also a message employees can use when talking about AWARE – in as little as five words.

During the gatherings, Flying Horse led the team through its step-by-step process. A round table approach, team members brainstormed and discussed everything about AWARE, eventually coming up with a framework that best represents the official brand.

Currently, Flying Horse is taking this framework and applying its professional services. Part of their program includes market research. Flying Horse will be contacting a list of 35 people recommended by AWARE to get a second opinion of how it’s seen in the public eye during the next few weeks.

Research professionals from Flying Horse will ask questions relating to experience, impression, services and more. People on the list to be interviewed include employees, clinicians, teachers, parents, influencers, stakeholders, donors, customers and journalists.

With the information gathered from the leadership team and market research, Flying Horse will create a brand that best fits AWARE’s goals. Once their process is complete in the next couple months, AWARE plans to schedule learning sessions that teach employees how to apply the brand in their work area.

“It’s a great opportunity for employees to see how their input is reflected in the brand,” Larry Noonan, AWARE CEO said.

Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, AWARE looks forward to continuing to offer the best care to all of the adults and children served across Montana.