Nov 2016

Mike Schulte retires after 22+ years service

Thursday Oct. 20, 2016, AWARE held a luncheon to celebrate Mike Schulte on his retirement on his last day of work. Mike’s family joined in the celebration along with AWARE staff in the administration building and from across the state.

CEO Larry Noonan, and long-time friend, presented Mike with a Fred Boyer bronze, Dad’s Surprise, for his 22 years of service with AWARE. Mike worked as chief habilitation officer and oversaw all AWARE developmental disability services in Montana. He worked in the DD world previously for more than 10 years at BSW Inc. in Butte before coming on board at AWARE.

Mike says he plans on enjoying a lot of fishing during retirement.


Nov 2016

AWARE to partner in SPARK autism research project 

AWARE Inc. is proud to announce that it’s joining clinical research partner, the Thompson Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders, to recruit individuals with autism and their families to be a part of SPARK, a new online research study.

The goal of SPARK is to accelerate autism research to gain a better understanding of causes and treatments for autism. By building a community of tens of thousands of individuals with autism and their biological family members who provide behavioral and genetic data, SPARK will be the largest autism research study to date.

If you or your child has a professional diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, you’re invited to join SPARK. Participation is simple – register online, complete a few questionnaires and provide a saliva sample using a collection kit mailed directly to your home. Once you’ve completed these steps, and we’ve determined your saliva sample is sufficient, the individual with autism will receive gift cards valued at up to a total of $50 for participation.

For more information

Learn more or register at www.SPARKforAutism.org/MUTC and select the Thompson Center as your referral site. Questions? Contact Amanda Shocklee at 573-884-6092 or shockleea@health.missouri.edu.


Nov 2016

Health and safety symposium trains staff

AWARE Inc. held its first Health and Safety Culture Symposium Oct. 25, 2016. Twenty-nine newly appointed health and safety officers from each AWARE community and supervisors met at the AWARE administrative building in Anaconda for the event.

The attendees had the opportunity to listen to three presenters who are experts in health and safety field.

The presenters included Brodie Loushin, Payne West Insurance loss control specialist; Kirk Smith, Montana State Fund safety and health specialist; and Mark Rosenleaf, Montana State Fund safety management consultant.

The training by the guest speakers provided a look into health and safety as it relates to AWARE’s work environment.

The speakers offered lessons in hazardous chemical inventory and labeling. Officers also learned how to engage employees in safety in the workplace and how to build a committee.

AWARE staff can look forward to hearing more from the health and safety officers down the road. Special teams are being created office wide, community wide and statewide. They’ll be working on new ideas making each work area ready for all.

Here’s the list of newly appointed officers:

  • Anaconda – Serena Bair-Polich, Center for Excellence; Emmett Barry, DD; Laura Jorgensen, CSCT; Bonnie Swanson, CM; Tammy DeRieux, Admin.
  • Billings – Michelle Bishop, DD; Jennifer Juarez, CCT, CM; Dan McDonald, DD.
  • Bozeman – Serena Cusak, MHRS; Nichole Goodau, Admin; Andrew Largess, CCT.
  • Butte – Lisa Hines, DD; Roland Mena, ICBR; Theresa Renouard, CM; Kim Lemmon, MHRT.
  • Glendive – Jodi Coolman, ICBR.
  • Great Falls – Heather Aristonic, CSCT; Scott Butterfield, ICBR; Brian Wallace, DD; Jackie Woyth, ECS.
  • Helena – Michelle Boone, CCT; Evan Brindley, CM;
  • Kalispell – Elizabeth Davis Beck, CM; Holly Hoffenbacker, MHRS; Terri Vucich, MHRS.
  • Miles City – Tabitha Williams, ECS.
  • Missoula – Shane Cooley, MHRS; Mat Evans, ABA.