Jan 2017

AWARE Inc.’s CARF accreditation renewed

Every three years, AWARE Inc. works with CARF International to update accreditation for the services it provides. AWARE received its latest results in January and is proud to announce that CARF has approved its accreditation for the next three years.

At the beginning of December 2016, seven surveyors spent three days at AWARE facilities throughout Montana reviewing a sampling of its services. These experts hired by CARF work in similar organizations across the United States. They review everything from AWARE’s services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, services for families and children, procedures for board governance, financial sustainability, benefits and compensation for employees, and much more.

CARF opening meeting

CARF opening meeting

Photo above: AWARE’s CARF review opened with a statewide meeting via videoconference in its main offices in Anaconda, Billings, Bozeman, Butte, Helena and Missoula, Dec. 7, 2016.

CARF’s latest survey results continue to show that AWARE ranks at the top of the international organization’s highest tier. A letter from CARF President Brian Boon states, “This achievement is an indication of your organization’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the persons served. Services, personnel, and documentation clearly indicate an established conformance to standards.”

Larry Noonan, AWARE CEO, said “Inviting CARF to review our organization is one way we show our commitment to providing the highest quality services to each and every person we serve.”

AWARE, now in its 40th year of service, has sought CARF accreditation since 1980. AWARE’s dedicated employees take what they know along with new advice from CARF surveyors to continually advance the organization’s services.

“We’re always looking to improve to ensure the highest level of independence possible for the people we serve,” Noonan said. “Every day, AWARE aims to meet and exceed CARF’s quality indicators.”

For example, CARF gave exemplary ratings to AWARE’s yearly Corporate Congress. Corporate Congress is a unique strategic planning process that includes input from all areas of AWARE. Ran much like the state legislature, it’s an opportunity for any employee and/or client to make a meaningful contribution to the organization’s direction and overall plan for continued success in the years to come.

AWARE held its latest Corporate Congress January 25-27, passing 21 bills. Corporate Congress has been an integral part of AWARE’s yearly planning since 1994.

To learn more, please contact Matt Bugni, AWARE CIO, at mbugni@aware-inc.org or (406) 449.3120.


Jan 2017

Center for Excellence receives $ 250 grant

Officials from Montana Tech and KXLF stopped by the Center for Excellence in Anaconda January 12, 2017, to surprise students with the presentation of an oversized check. A $ 250 grant, the two organizations have joined together to help schools in Southwest Montana fund special class objectives.

Center for Excellence teacher Kari Hoscheid applied for the $ 250 grant called One Class at a Time back in December. Her purpose in applying was to secure funds to purchase books for the classroom.

Hoscheid says with the grant she’ll purchase four titles that are “high interest but an easy read.” They are for the older kids but can also be used for higher level readers at a younger age.

“The stories are based on being an under-dog and dealing with difficult circumstances in life, which our kids can relate to,” Hoscheid said.

She plans on purchasing 10 of each book, including Stargirl, Wringer, Mania Magee and Crash all by Jerry Spinelli.

Chet Layman, news reporter at KXLF, announced the grant along with Montana Tech representative, Brandon McLean, TRiO Coordinator for Anaconda.

During the visit, the TV news reporter interviewed several of the kids, taking a few moments to get to know them and asking why they like to read.

Layman said he was a classroom teacher way before he was a news reporter. He told Hoscheid that he understood the need for the books and was excited to offer the grant to the school.

If you’d like to see the grant announcement and kids’ interview, tune into KXLF Monday nights. The Center for Excellence One Class at a Time grant acceptance video is about two weeks out.