Corporate Congress

What is Corporate Congress?

Corporate Congress is a unique strategic planning process that includes input from all areas of our organization. It is an opportunity for any employee and/or consumers of AWARE to make a meaningful contribution to the organization’s direction and overall plan for continued success.

Delegates from AWARE offices across the state are all non-supervisory and non-management staff or people who receive services. Delegates represent every AWARE service and region across Montana.

The Congress, which operates in much the same way as the state legislature, breaks into committees and discusses the measures.

Corporate Congress allows front-line staff in all services to represent fellow employees and people who receive services in a democratic fashion and participate directly in changing the way the organization does business and serves customers.

“When we gather staff and the people we serve together and let them tell us what works and what doesn’t work – and what we should do differently – it helps the company and benefits the people who use our services,” AWARE CEO Larry Noonan said.