Current Corporate Congress Bills

AWARE leadership team has started the process of examining and researching the feasibility of the bills that were created during Corporate Congress in January 2017.

Team members were assigned to each bill during the leadership team’s first meeting in February. Lead by AWARE Human Resources Director Leighanne Fogerty, the 13-member team will determine the next best steps. The team is expected to meet monthly.

Below you’ll find a brief description of Corporate Congress bills heard by AWARE’s board of directors and executive team as well as the team members who are assigned to each bill.

Leadership assigned to current bills

D001 – Crisis Facility for Youth – AWARE will research possibilities for a crisis stabilization home or unit for youth in southwestern Montana. Team members: Dan MacDonald

D002 – Billings Day Program Woodworking Shop – AWARE will research grants and/or partnerships to invest in the tools and materials needed to begin a woodworking shop for the Billings day program. Team members: Dan MacDonald, Mike Shea

Dakota Milligan, Corporate Congress Representative, discusses his bill to the other representatives.

Dakota Milligan, Corporate Congress Representative, discusses his bill to the other representatives.

D010 – Note Taking Procedures – AWARE will create a class for new employees on specific note-taking procedures focusing on their specific service area. Team members: Dakota Milligan

D013 – Transportation – AWARE will look into different transportation vehicles for clients who have mobility restrictions. AWARE will consider looking into grants and other disability assistance programs offered by government and nonprofit organizations for a handicap van. Team members: Mike Shea

D016 – AWARE Personnel Photo Identification Badges – AWARE will require all personnel to carry photo identification name badges when attending meeting at outside agencies and off-site facilities. Team members:  Elizabeth Davis

D017 – AWARE Services Brochures – AWARE will implement stand-alone brochures for all AWARE services. Team members:  Marie Moore, Jacquie Peterson

D019 – Therapeutic Transitional Living – AWARE will research the costs of piloting four long-term living facilities in Helena to provide housing for individuals and families across services. Team members:

D021 – Employee Vehicle Maintenance for Safety – AWARE will work with companies to get employees discounts on automotive updates (oil changes, tires, etc.), especially for those who use personal vehicles to transport clients. Team members:  Tammy DeRieux, Mike Shea

S002 – Day School – AWARE Inc. will research cost need and feasibility for having a day school in the Bozeman/Belgrade areas. Team members:  Dan MacDonald, Serena Bair

S004 –  Self-care – AWARE will find ways to promote the employee assistance program, hold workshops to educate staff, and create a fund/grant to assist with financial burden of therapy outside scope of health insurance. Team members:  Leighanne Fogerty, Stewart Neal

S006 – Community Outreach Program Butte/Anaconda – AWARE will start a community group that offers social activities for all youth and adults throughout Butte. Volunteers will run the group. The group will fundraise to support the group. Team members:  Stewart Neal, Serena Bair

S007 – Training and Equipment Provisions – AWARE will offer specific training for those who work in CSCT as well as tools to serve their clients. Tools may include scanners and reimbursement for supplies like games, crafts or other activities. A consortium will be created for continued education. Team members: Elizabeth Davis, Pat Noonan

S008 – Front Desk and Office Safety/Security – AWARE will develop, implement and sustain modern safety and security measures/plan, including risk assessment, education, preparedness and training in all offices throughout AWARE. Team members: Tammy DeRieux, Serena Bair, Mike Shea

S010 – Helena Therapeutic Learning Center – AWARE will create a pilot center in an AWARE community that offers therapeutic interaction for children 0 – 6 years who have suffered trauma, severe life stress, or unsuccessful traditional early care or educational settings. Team members: Erin Kalanick, Dan MacDonald

S011 – Increased Specialized Training – AWARE will invest and create an annual program that includes specific training in autism, sign language and mental health. Team members:  Leighanne Fogerty, Dan MacDonald, Dakota, Milligan

S012 – Easy Electronics – AWARE will enable a policy that provides electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, and laptops) for staff to ease the communication barrier to allow for easier and quicker communication between staff and clients. Team members:  Marie Moore, Pat Noonan

S014 – After School Program – AWARE will provide a facility-based program for clients with developmental disabilities age 16 and older for an affordable, reliable after school program to include a variety of services such as academics, social life, recreation, etc. from 2:30 – 6 p.m. as needed by community. Team members:  Kasey Dosch

S015 – Special Olympics Participation – AWARE will look at making sure all clients who want to participate in Special Olympics are able to participate by ensuring staff and funds are available. Team members:  Pat Noonan, Elizabeth Davis

S016 – Client Educational Resources – AWARE will implement educational resources that prepares clients for additional job opportunities. Team members: Serena Bair

S017 – Community Gardens at Residential Settings – AWARE will provide the opportunity for a community garden for residential clients to work on growing flowers and vegetables. Team members:  Dan MacDonald, Mike Shea, Stewart Neal, Marie Moore