Electronic Health Records

Connected. Efficient. Fast

In December 2013, AWARE kicked off a project to install a fully Electronic Health Record system. The team selected Netsmart and its EHR product  — MyEvolv — to meet the project goal of implementing a connected, efficient and fast system that will effectively support AWARE staff as they deliver client services.

myEvolv is a web-based “meaningful use certified” EHR system that will integrate and manage client data from intake to discharge. The program was chosen for its ability to support AWARE’s needs and processes. The system implementation and adoption process will provide many opportunities to make internal process improvement changes. The EHR committee evaluated the product and vendor on a wide range of criteria from product functionality to ongoing support to cost. At the end of the evaluation, Netsmart offered the best mix of all of those aspects. The EHR will offer organization-wide improvement on how AWARE does business today.

Afia Inc., a health information technology consulting firm based in Ann Arbor, Mich., joined AWARE and Netsmart in overseeing the EHR project as it comes to life.

EHR Timeline

AWARE finalized the contract with Netsmart in October 2014 and began planning the transition in November with on-site training for key personnel. Starting the program is an exciting milestone, but the real work of implementing the system begins now.

The EHR implementation committee began laying the foundation to prepare for design work in February 2014, including the roll-out of a secure and redundant datacenter to power and house AWARE’s systems, including e-mail for everyone on the AWARE team. Implementation will involve all staff in the design and rollout to ensure that changes provide meaningful benefit to end-users.

myEvolv offers these features:

  • A single  EHR – Keep all information in one accessible location
  • Secure access and electronic protection – All information is protected, backed up and secure
  • Instant sharing of information – No need to mail information or courier it. Everyone who needs information will have the information!
  • Electronic Notes – Ability to enter notes into a record directly without transcribing
  • Fix mistakes before signing – If you enter the wrong service/start time/end time, you can make the change yourself without contacting the help desk (as long as you haven’t “signed” the note)
  • Dashboards – See upcoming/overdue/productivity information in one place without searching!