Sep 2017

AWARE brand marks 40 years of success 

The idea of AWARE began with a simple, yet inspiring conversation. A few parents of children with disabilities sat around a table brainstorming ways to help their kids live complete, meaningful lives. This happened way back 1976. These ideas have guided us ever since.

We’re proud of our organization that’s made its way into the world by helping adults, children and their families live independent lives. To mark the beginning point of the next 40 years, we have taken these ideas and applied them to our new brand, which you’ve been hearing so much about lately.

While our mission remains the same, the brand is here to continue the guidance once laid upon us. It’s here to help us grow. We’re moving forward as a united group of caregivers ready to assist to each and every person who needs our support.

Yes, we will always find a way to help people feel valued, cared for and respected. Yes, we will always deliver with professionalism, kindness — and give the best care that is needed at the moment. It’s our promise!

Commercial rollout continues

This week we continue the rollout of yet another commercial. This one began running in August. The theme? Babies, babies and babies! Don’t miss it because they are too cute! Click the photo below to view: