Aug 2017

AWARE has a new look and commercials to go with it

As part of its new brand (including our new logo above), four commercials were created to promote AWARE and the excellent services it provides for adults, children and their families in Montana.

The first (revealed below) of the four commercials appeared on CBS stations across Montana in June while two more followed in July. The fourth video is slated to air Sept. 5.

The one-week whirlwind video shoot at AWARE offices and homes was held a couple weeks before the premier. With 1000s of minutes produced, there was plenty of video for the editing team to quickly turn out the four professional commercials.

Thanks to all the AWARE staff who helped gather the things we needed for commercial production! 

During the next four weeks, we’re rolling out each commercial for everyone to take a look. This is for those who haven’t yet seen them on TV or for those who’d like to take a closer look.

Within, you’ll see the hard work the brand team put in to clearly identify AWARE’s mission of helping the people we serve live independent lives.

Click the graphic below to watch the first commercial named Hannah.