Aug 2017

AWARE looking for new owner for KANA 580 AM

As of August 15, KANA 580 AM is looking for a new owner. The decision comes after the radio station became victim of arson in July. The station has been off air ever since.

Director of Community Relations Pat Noonan says AWARE, the current KANA owner, is hoping a local person or entity will take over the radio station.

“KANA is a historical, valuable community resource to Anaconda that’s been around since the mid 1940s,” he said.

For someone interested in taking over KANA, much of the infrastructure is still intact after the arson. Smoke and fire damage has affected the building and broadcast equipment.

However, Noonan says the transmission equipment is working, and the FCC licensing is current. Good news is that this condition makes it easy for KANA to be moved and/or transferred elsewhere.

The decision to offer up KANA was hard, but necessary to ensure AWARE continues with its highest mission of helping adults, children and their families live independent lives.

“Both fire damage and massive state budget cuts in human services this year has made reinvestment by AWARE nearly impossible,” Noonan said.

AWARE acquired KANA from Butte Broadcasting in 2012. Since that time, AWARE has worked to provide Anaconda and Southwest Montana with a community-focused radio broadcast. KANA also offered career opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

During the last few years, KANA has won several awards presented by the Montana Broadcasters Association. Honors include awards in local public service, Anaconda Copperhead athletics coverage and outstanding play-by-play broadcasting.

“For all those involved with KANA, we would like to thank you for your support in building a community-proud radio station,” Noonan said.

If you are interested in learning more about KANA, please contact Pat Noonan or Geri Wyant at 406.563.8117.