Oct 2017

AWARE staff receive latest electronic records training

AWARE’s electronic records system, myEvolv, is being updated once again.

Back in January, AWARE created a small team to implement a new incident reporting module within myEvolv. The team includes Matt Bugni, Tim Hahn, Jake Henderson, Donna Kelly, Knute Oaas, Richard Saravalli, Summer Stone and Jenn Wihlborg.

Pictured right, Summer Stone trains staff on the new incident reporting system in myEvolv.

Now 10 months into the project, the team is moving forward by scheduling staff training for the incident reporting system.

According to Stone, AWARE EHR Specialist and trainer, incidents are significant life events that may take place in a home or program, such as an injury, HELP intervention or medication error. They’re required to be reported.

Stone plans to train all supervisors and group home staff throughout Montana on how to use the new reporting system. She says training sessions for staff last about two hours while supervisors get additional follow-up training.

All AWARE staff will be trained on how to use the new system by early 2018. So far Stone has completed training in the Butte and Missoula group homes, Butte day services, Missoula community services, and the Bonner comprehensive school and community treatment program.

“By the time they leave training, they’re very familiar with how to complete the incident reporting forms and have a good understanding of the document workflow,” she said.

Incident reporting goals for electronic records

The goal of the incident reporting system is to help service directors and managers see trends occurring across all AWARE services. Reports show what’s happening in real time.

The data collected will help them determine the best training and support needed for staff. It also reveals interventions that may work best for each client.

In addition, AWARE is working with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services to build the incident reporting forms so they meet state requirements. The custom forms will allow AWARE to submit timely reports to DPHHS. Sent via a secure email process, the new system will help AWARE in its goal to become paperless, saving both money and trees.

Before employee training began, the team piloted the new incident reporting forms in two homes, Brandon Way House in Missoula and Mammoth House in Butte. The pilot homes completed training the first week of July and went live using the forms mid July.

Stone said testing was valuable because the team was able to work out the bugs in the new forms. The test sites also gave invaluable feedback on the incident reporting form.

Stone says once the incident reporting system is in place, the next big EHR project will be updating treatment plans already within myEvolv.

“The EHR always needs to evolve and grow with agency needs,” Stone said.

AWARE’s myEvolv has been in service for three years. The new incident reporting replaces an old system.