Aug 2017

AWARE’s new logo inspired by the sun 

There’s been much excitement throughout AWARE as it continues to reveal its new brand. Most evident in AWARE’s new look is the logo. It definitely has everyone talking!

The “sun” symbol replaces the historic dancing circle logo, which references the old while bringing in the new. At first glance, you’ll notice seven Vs in a circle. The Vs represent the original dancing circle, symbolizing triumph in the joining of hands. This triumph showers a nurturing sunbeam of light, shining potential on everyone.

Below, find several different versions of the logo (in our corporate gold color), which will be seen in various places throughout AWARE. Two versions of the logo even include the new tagline, We Are AWARE:

AWARE’s new tagline revealed in commercials 

If you haven’t seen it on TV yet, click below to find the second commercial AWARE revealed as part of its new brand rollout in July. As you watch and listen, notice how AWARE’s new tagline is rolled into the commercial. It’s just so inspiring, you gotta love it!