May 2016

AWARE Special Olympics teams attend state games

Below is the Anaconda 2016 AWARE Inc. Special Olympics State Summer Games team.


Anaconda AWARE 2016 Special Olympic Summer Games team

Anaconda’s Special Olympics team will join 31 AWARE teammates from Billings, Bozeman and Missoula at the summer games, which are held at facilities throughout Missoula, May 17- 18, 2016.

Pictured left front, Jay Arensmeyer, javelin, bocci ball; and Troy Miller, bike race, softball throw. Left back, Judy Armbruster, softball throw, bocci ball; Russell Carstens, coach; Dan Ramsey, bocci ball, 50 M walk; and Casey Fisk, 50 M assisted walk, bocci ball alternate.



May 2016

Detailing cars new job for people served by AWARE

Detailing cars is among the newest jobs now offered at AWARE for the people we serve. The new operation has been in place now for the last three weeks. The detailing crew helps care for 21 fleet vehicles in Anaconda and 20 in Butte.

Mike Kopp, employment and training coordinator, in Anaconda says a lot of brainstorming goes into creating the perfect jobs for the people we serve. Washing the fleet vehicles was one of those ideas.

In Anaconda, Kopp says the crew includes two clients and a job coach. They detail 10 to 11 vehicles per week, Monday – Friday. The Butte crew members include two of the new residents who live at the Mammoth house plus a job coach. They work Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 a.m. – noon.

A checklist is available to ensure each crew thoroughly details the vehicles.

The teams scrub and power wash the outside. They vacuum the floors and mats. Detailing also includes cleaning the dashboard, door panels, mirrors, seats and windows. When the vehicles are complete, they are shiny and have that fresh Armor All scent.

While the AWARE fleet is the main focus of the car detailers, the service is extended to all AWARE employees in Anaconda (coming soon to Butte). The crew will wash the outside for $10 or wash both the outside and inside for $20.
Contact Mike Kopp if you’d like your vehicle detailed at 406.563.8117 or mkopp@aware-inc.org.