Sep 2017

Celebrating AWARE staff (and the latest commercial below)

Our mission at AWARE is to help people live independent lives. We always find a way to ensure each adult, child and family we serve receives the exact care they need at any given moment.

The key component to our success is the kind and professional staff who work at AWARE. Each employee has their own way of showing respect to those we serve. They also have a way of keeping their work lighthearted. Truly, it makes for a workplace that’s challenging and rewarding all at the same time.

Click the graphic below to find the latest commercial, which highlights the fine example of the work our staff does at AWARE. First appearing on your local CBS station this week, it’ll definitely spark your attention!

Join us… 

If you or you know someone who’d like to become an AWARE employee, please go to Aware-inc.org/careers to apply.