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Our work is wrapped around the community and the individual. Since 1976, we have been advocating for, and working with, people facing immense challenges.

Charitable donations help support many of AWARE’s programs and services. Charitable giving helps us continue our mission to serve children, adults, and families with autism and other developmental disabilities, and mental illness.

As you consider your annual giving or estate planning, please consider a gift to AWARE. Your tax-deductible gift enables us to provide the right services, to the right people, at the right time!

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Print and Download the PDF below, then complete the donor information and return it to:

Richard Saravalli
205 E Park Ave
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Phone: 406.449.3120

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Alternative Donations

Budget for giving

Wise giving takes a little bit of planning. If you wish to donate funds to a charity, make sure you include the amount you’d like to give in your yearly budget.


Charitable gifts are often made in the form of cash or checks. When you itemize your tax deductions, gifts of cash may be used to eliminate federal income tax on up to half of your adjusted gross income. State income tax savings may also apply.

Memorial donations.

Memorials are made to honor a living or deceased relative or friend, and they are a lasting and permanent tribute in their honor. Immediate family members or others are notified of the donation with a warm and considerate memorial card.


If a donor’s will is valid and up-to-date, he or she can instruct their attorney to prepare a codicil, which adds a beneficiary without having to rewrite the will.

Provision by will

Using this method of giving, the donor retains all income and access to property, as nothing is transfered prior to death. The gift can be for a specific amount, specific assets, a percentage of the estate or all or a portion of the remainder of the estate. The fair market value of assets may be deductible for the purposes of estate tax liability.

Gift annuity agreement

Similar to a unitrust, except for the fact that a gift annuity is a contract under which a charity—in return for a transfer of cash, marketable securities, or other assets—agrees to pay a fixed amount of money for the life of the contract rather than a percentage of the assets of the trust.

Gifts of appreciated property

Donating stocks, bonds, real estate, and other appreciated assets held long-term (12 months or more) are tax deductible at the current value rather than actual cost.

Charitable remainder unitrust

A unitrust allows donors to receive an income based on a percentage of the total value of the assets in the trust each year. At the expiration of the trust’s term, the charity receives its assets.

Tips for Giving

Budget for giving

Wise giving takes a little bit of planning. If you wish to donate funds to a charity, make sure you include the amount you’d like to give in your yearly budget.

Be informed

Before giving your money, it’s best if you know a little about the organization. Find out about the solicitors and their relationship to an organization, ask how your gift will be used and which project your donation will go toward. Give only if you feel comfortable your money supports your cause.

Keep your records.

A canceled check or credit card statement for gifts less than $250 are sufficient documentaion for IRS purposes. However, for larger donations, be sure you get a receipt that confirms your tax-deductible contribution.

Know what is tax deductible

If you receive a premium in exchange for your donation (such as a book or a dinner), your tax deduction is reduced by the fair market value of the premium. You can turn down the incentive if you wish to claim the full amount.

Make it confidential

If you prefer that contribution be confidential, let the charity know so your request will be honored.

Consider alternative forms

Don’t overlook the benefits received from bequests, charitable gift annuities, gifts in kind, endowments and other creative forms of giving (find descriptions on the next page). Ask your tax advisor or attorney to help you make the best plan.

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