Apr 2017

May 4: Please support the kids and families AWARE serves with a donation

Yellowstone Valley Gives: Donate to AWARE May 4

Wonderful things are happening for the children and families that AWARE Inc. serves. Opening an AWARE Early Childhood Center in Billings, Mont., is among one of many new opportunities in store.

Currently, AWARE is in the process of refurbishing a building on the south side of Billings with plans to open sometime in 2017. AWARE will serve prenatal moms, parents and children birth to four.

At the center, AWARE is proud to offer child care and education through Early Head Start, Successful Starts and Preschool. Welcoming children and their families of all backgrounds and abilities, the center will also include its signature mental health services, offering family consultation, outpatient therapy and parenting classes, among others.

It is true! Development of young, influential minds is important. We love that parents are willing to make AWARE’s staff and teachers part of their team. But to welcome as many Billings families as possible, we’re going to need plenty of help!

We kindly ask for your support!

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, AWARE is participating in a special fundraising program called Yellowstone Valley Gives. Basically, it’s a one-day (24-hour) “crowdfunding” online fundraiser. It will help local nonprofit organizations generate donations for important projects, like the AWARE Early Childhood Center in Billings.

Your donation will help refurbish the building and install a playground. Also, the donations will help with tuition for each child. It costs about $17,000 per year for one child to attend the center. While AWARE has received generous federal grants, the kids and their families are still in need of help to offset tuition.

There are three things you can do:

1.)   On May 4, 2017, go to the Yellowstone Valley Gives website and make a donation to AWARE. Any size donation is welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

2.)   Encourage your friends and family to help Billings kids and their families by donating. All you have to do is share the AWARE Yellowstone Gives link on your Facebook page. Feel free to copy and paste the one of the graphic at the bottom, and either type your own message, or feel free to use the one included with the graphic.


3.)  At any time, mail or drop off your generous donation at the AWARE office in Billings: 1050 S. 25th St. W Ste. 2, Billings, Montana 59102.

Please stay tuned

We’ll be sending a few email reminders to those who belong to our newsletter list, so you don’t forget this important day coming up in a couple weeks.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Bryon Higgins at bhiggins@aware-inc.org or (406) 563.8117.

Save the date - Yellowstone Gives

SAVE THE DATE: Billings, Montana, kids and their families are in need of your support! Your donation will help with construction or offset tuition for quality child care and early education at AWARE Inc.’s newest early childhood center. May 4, 2017, join AWARE supporters in donating at Yellowstone Gives. Thank you in advance! Click here to learn more: https://www.yellowstonegives.org/organizations/aware-inc #yellgives

AWARE is creating an early childhood center in Billings. Every Yellowstone Valley Gives donation will go toward construction of a quality child care center, a brand new playground and tuition for the kids. We’d love your help! Any size donation is welcome! When it’s time click here to give: https://www.yellowstonegives.org/organizations/aware-inc Thank you! #yellgives

We offer services that we know children and their families need, and we are excited to have been given an opportunity to expand these services into the Billings community through a new Early Childhood Center. https://www.yellowstonegives.org/organizations/aware-inc #yellgives

Today is the day! Please get out and donate to AWARE’s new early childhood center and the kids and families it serves. https://www.yellowstonegives.org/organizations/aware-inc Thank you! #yellgives