Parent Child Interaction Therapy

PCIT is an evidence-based, family-oriented intervention designed to help improve the parent-child relationship through interaction. PCIT emphasizes improving the quality of the parent-child relationship and changing parent-child patterns.  During sessions with a PCIT therapist, both the parent/caregiver and child are seen together. Therapists coach the parent from an observation room using either a camera or a one-way mirror and a hidden earpiece for communicating to the parent during the play.

PCIT is effective for children who are at risk, who have experienced trauma, and who have behavioral challenges. This modality has also been proven to support children in foster care transition and maintain their placement, in turn increasing positive experience and coping.

“My family and I have tried a lot of services, including home based and therapy but it never seemed to work for us. We now have AWARE and PCIT therapy in our life and I know what to do and feel confident as a parent.”
– Parent

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