Successful Starts

AWARE’s Successful Starts program is a collaborative partnership with the early childhood community, such as Head Start and local child care providers. It is a comprehensive approach to preventing, identifying and treating early social, emotional and behavioral concerns, ultimately improving social and emotional outcomes for young children and helping them achieve school readiness. Using evidence-based practices, Successful Starts provides a continuum of services that offers families support and intervention, depending on their needs.  Support and training for early childhood practitioners is also available.

Successful Starts clinicians provide family, group and individual therapy either in the family’s home, a partnering Head Start program, or an AWARE office. AWARE uses a number of evidence based practices, including:

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)

  • Family Support (Home Support Services):
    AWARE’s Child and Family Specialists interact with children on family home visits and during recreational outings and social activities. The child and family specialist helps parents and families increase their knowledge about child development, managing challenging behaviors, and build resiliency.  Case management services are available to assist parents in making connections to community resources.
  • Individualized Child Support:
    AWARE’s Behavior Support Coordinators support children in their classrooms, child care centers and in the community. Behavior support coordinators provide individualized support in helping children reach their goals by teaching and reinforcing positive social skills and behavior that help them become ready for school.

Successful Starts is offered in the following communities:

  • Miles City*
  • Billings
  • Bozeman*
  • Butte
  • Great Falls*
  • Helena

*TF-CBT is offered in Miles City, Bozeman, and Great Falls

For more information in these communities, contact Erin Kalanick,

Teacher or Child Care provider Support

AWARE Successful Starts clinicians provide training, ongoing coaching and professional development for staff in order to help them grow their skills in working with the social and emotional needs of young children and families.  For more information on this option, please contact Melinda Wade Corso at 406.360.8856 or

“Two of our granddaughters have received AWARE services. The services offered supports at school, individually, in the home, and in small groups. Our girls have become confident and developed positive social and emotional skills because the interventions were practiced in so many different environments. The consistency of the interventions also provided our girls security. They knew the expectations of their behaviors and were able to demonstrate the strategies they learned in all the above environments. Our girls can now easily make friends and join into many different activities in the community. We are thankful to AWARE for all this. I honestly don’t think our family would be this far along without AWARE’s partnership through these tough times.”
– Grandparent


“AWARE made me feel comfortable. It was embarrassing to come into services at first because I needed help with skills. I never felt I was doing something wrong as AWARE always made me feel successful wherever I was at. I am very proud of my skills and the skills my girls have learned. I am excited for myself and my kids because there is hope. I felt like I was lost and I am not lost anymore. I feel good I did this at a young age to help myself and my kids use the skills we have learned. We got a lot of positive skills to do more positive things. I am so glad I found this program.”
– Parent