Early Head Start

AWARE Early Head Start is a federally funded, comprehensive child development program for low-income children and their families. AWARE Early Head Start provides children, including those with special needs, with services that actively encourage and promote social, emotional, physical growth and development and cognitive skills. Learning is designed to reinforce and respond to the unique strengths and needs of each child and children of all abilities are welcome. By focusing on evidence-based and current best practices, Early Head Start improves children’s’ lives by providing family-focused child development and school readiness services, including health, behavioral health, education and nutrition. Early Head Start receives CACFP reimbursement and nutritious meals are provided when the child attends the center-based option.

Parent involvement is one of the cornerstones of Early Head Start and is key to the quality services we provide. Parents have many and varied options to participate in their child’s education and development. Families are further supported by social services, behavioral health and disabilities services.

We serve pregnant women, children ages birth to three and their families. There is no cost to families who are enrolled in Early Head Start. Program participants must meet Federal Poverty Guidelines. Email us at EarlyHeadStart@aware-inc.org to learn more about AWARE Early Head Start.

Early Head Start Center-based services are offered in Butte, Lockwood, Helena*, Bozeman*, and Billings*

*Coming Soon

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“Before my son and I had AWARE early childhood services in our lives, we were lost. Now we have a super support system that I wouldn’t trade for the world. AWARE has put happiness back in to parenting.”
– Parent


“AWARE has helped me by having programs available to me and my family such as case management, PCIT, In Home and helping me get started with Early Head Start. These programs have greatly impacted my and my family’s life. My life is different because these programs have helped me and my family. We have support from the community that we haven’t had before. They have done everything well, from walking in the door and being greeted warmly by a friendly face to making me and my family feel important and making sure we have everything that we need to be a happy, successful family. My child has made great improvements to be more successful in life since receiving AWARE services. The improvements I have seen in my child have been extraordinary. I would recommend AWARE services to any and all families because with AWARE you aren’t alone in wanting what’s best for your family. AWARE is like having a whole other family that you can rely on to be there for whatever you may need.”
– Parent