Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers is a home visiting program for children prenatal to 5 years old and their families. PAT’s philosophical approach values parents as a child’s first and best teacher.  Parents can learn to help their children with a solid foundation for school success, understand child development and promote strong family relationships.  Through PAT, parents have a means for early detection and treatment of learning problems and they learn about every stage of their child’s development.  Social child and parent groups are provided each month.  PAT is an evidence based curriculum that is grant funded through the state of Montana.

AWARE Parents as Teachers is offered in Butte and Miles City.

“I am a stay at home/first time mom. Husband travels to work a lot so it is hard. I have used some of the techniques in the house. When the home visitor walks through the door I know my son will be happy, and because my son is happy I am happy. It’s a relaxing hour for me and my child.”
– Parent


“I have been with the program for four years. They have helped me through a lot. They helped me through the death of my two younger boys’ dad. They helped me get one child to walk and potty train, and now they are helping my other child learn to walk. They also helped me get a scholarship for my child to go to preschool.”
– Parent