SafeCare is a program for parents of children 0-5 years, with individualized home visits over 19 weeks. The 3 topics areas are parent-infant/child interactions, home safety, and child health.

SafeCare content includes:

  • How to manage child’s difficult behaviors
  • Ways to increase positive time between parent and child
  • How to make a home more safe
  • How to keep your child healthy and reduce risk for illness and injury

AWARE SafeCare is offered in the communities of Helena, East Helena and Butte.

“I feel that the Safe Care Program has made me more aware of how important it is to keep dangerous objects out of reach from babies, and also how supervision at all times is necessary. As a mother I am very grateful to have this program available to me. My teacher was wonderful and always able to meet my schedule. They were very warm and made my home a warm and safe place for my baby. I feel ready and more prepared now that I have continued through with the Safe Care course. Safe and happy home is what makes a healthy and happy baby. This is great. Thank you sincerely.”
– Parent


“I have recently completed the Safe Care Program. I really enjoyed this program, and I found the safety module very beneficially. It was wonderful that I was able to baby-proof my home and learn what potential dangers there were. I also enjoyed learning about age appropriate activities and the importance of now to explain my child what we were doing, compliment the activity and give praise. I would definitely refer other parents to this program. My teacher was very information and did an amazing job … thank you!”
– Parent