AWARE Cold Mountain Pottery

cold mountain Anaconda Montana mugCold Mountain Pottery is located at AWARE’s main office in Billings, Mont., just off of King Ave. The small business mass produces custom-made mugs from hand-dug Montana clay. The shop hires people with disabilities. All employees help in the process, from forming and glazing the mugs to cleanup. Each employee is given a job that fits their ability.

The studio hand-crafts stoneware mugs that are sold in shops throughout the country, including Yellowstone National Park. They can also be found at events throughout the year, like the Montana Folk Festival in Butte. Cold Mountain mugs are proudly sold in all 50 states with no two stores stocking the same mix of mugs. Rocky Mountain wildlife is popular in the western states, windmills in the plains states, loons for the northwoods, and manatees for Florida. These are just a few of the custom designs, artwork, and logos Cold Mountain can produce.

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Bryon Higgins