The Farm in the Falls

The Farm in Great Falls is an alternative to town-based group homes.

The Farm provides a residential and vocational opportunity in a rural, farm-like setting for adults with developmental disabilities. It emphasizes work related to agriculture and provides important opportunities for community integration.

An open floor plan contributes to the welcoming feeling at AWARE's Farm in the Falls home in Great Falls.

An open floor plan contributes to the welcoming feeling at AWARE’s Farm in the Falls home in Great Falls.

Residents can choose to work at the Farm or in town. Likewise, those who live in town can choose to work at the Farm. The relaxed calming atmosphere is a real asset to all involved residents, workers and staff alike.

The goal of Farm in is to provide adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to live and work in a rural setting. The Farm maintains a family atmosphere, provides comprehensive residential services, employment and care provider planning

The Farm concept originated in the early 1980s in Helena, when a group of parents met to discuss the idea of building a home in the country and having a farm/ranch style work program for their children with developmental disabilities.

In the fall of 2010, AWARE Inc. and a devoted group in Great Falls developed a partnership to build and operate a new Farm on 40 acres just southwest of Great Falls.

Services are unique and customized to meet individual needs, hopes and dreams.


Any individual with a developmental disability, their family and their individual team can make a referral to AWARE’s Farms in the Dell by contacting their case manager or by calling Richard Saravalli at 406-449-3120 for additional information.

Who pays for the Farm?

Farm in the Dell programs qualify for funding under the state of Montana Developmental Disabilities program. People who have an Individual Cost Plan (ICP) can port or transfer their funding if accepted into the Great Falls Farm. Private pay arrangements can be developed for individuals who qualify for either Farm but do not have a Medicaid-funded ICP.

Please contact:

Farm in the Dell
c/o AWARE Inc.
205 E. Park Ave.
Anaconda, MT 59711

Or contact:
Richard Saravalli