Homes for People with Developmental Disabilities

AWARE’s residential services for adults with developmental disabilities provide an array of supports to individuals whose limited skills necessitate care, resources, services, rehabilitation, guidance and supervision. These services enhance an individual’s ability to benefit from services and activities, increase his or her independence, encourage full participation in community life, and prepare to transition to less restrictive residential services. Consumers residing in our homes live in a safe and comfortable environment and eat healthy foods. They learn daily living skills and receive assistance with medical concerns and group/individual therapy. They get assistance in developing an individualized strength-based treatment plan. Staff provide personal care and intervention for adults with mental health needs who cannot be served in a less restrictive environment. People residing in these homes share the responsibilities of daily household routines. Adults are supported to learn skills related to self care, domestic living and leisure and recreation.

Please contact:

Mike Schulte
406.563.8117 x20