Homes for Adults with Medical Needs

AWARE, Inc. has three homes in the Butte area serving adults with developmental disabilities. Each home is located in a residential neighborhoods. Four people live in each home. AWARE, provides 24-hour staffing with access to nursing services. One home is a medically intensive group home, which provides 24-hour nursing care to individuals with developmental disabilities and a primary medical diagnosis. The medically intensive group home is also equipped with medical tools to serve the needs of the individuals living there while providing a safe home environment. AWARE provides transportation services for medical appointments, residential integration and activities. AWARE has also arranged for many medical services to be provided at the homes, including medical evaluations. AWARE also has an activities program available during the week for the people living in these homes. Each person has his or her own treatment team and a personalized support plan, which addresses all of their needs.

Please contact:

Knute Oaas
406.782.2042 ext. 24