Mental health

AWARE's mental health homes offer help with daily living skills, such as cooking. Adults who live in AWARE’s mental health homes are entered into its Intensive Community Based Rehabilitation (ICBR) program. This program provides care for people who need treatment in a less restrictive environment. Often, these residents come from an institution, such as Montana State Hospital in Warm Springs or Montana Nursing Care Center in Lewistown.

People who live in AWARE’s mental health homes can expect

  • Individualized treatment
  • Care from professional, kind staff
  • Clean, well-cared for home and personal room
  • Healthy, delicious meals and snacks
  • Help with daily living skills
  • Shared responsibility in household routines
  • Help with finding employment and/or schooling
  • Introduction to community activities and/or organizations
  • Therapy and nursing services for psychiatric and medical needs

For more information about our mental
health homes for adults please contact:

Jennifer Wihlborg
Service Director
P: 406.529.1357