Mental Health / Developmental Disabilities

AWARE community-based intensive youth residential group homes welcome boys and girls, ages 5 to 17, who experience severe emotional disturbance and/or developmental disabilities. Safe, supportive environments, each home provides supervision with a two-staff to one-child ratio. Combined with natural, logical interventions, children experience relationships that foster trust, forgiveness, availability, emotional stability, and fun.

Treatment is based on each individual’s needs:

  • Therapy is available for co-occurring mental health and developmental disabilities.
  • Wraparound approach always includes natural supports.
  • Trusting relationships are developed.
  • Interventions are developed through natural and logical learning opportunities.
  • Community-based outings and interactions create opportunities to naturally learn skills.
  • Services are based on long-term success outside of a treatment facility.

Clinical Oversight

AWARE offers clinical oversight as part of its residential youth program including:

  • Treatment plan development.
  • Individual, family and group therapy.
  • In-house psychiatry.
  • Connection to communities and specialized collaboration.

* Clinicians use evidence-based practices and interventions based on each child.

Admission Criteria

Children admitted to AWARE group homes are those diagnosed with a severe emotional disturbance (SED). They’re unable to function in a less restrictive environment. Most often, they demonstrate:

  • Impaired interpersonal/social functioning.
  • Impaired educational/occupational functioning.
  • Impaired judgement/impulse control.
  • Lack of family/community networks.

Also, as a result of SED, youth may exhibit:

  • Inability to perform daily living activities in a developmentally appropriate manner.
  • Behaviors that result in the inability of the caregiver to safely provide care and structure in a family setting.
  • Severe or persistent symptoms requiring more intensive treatment and clinical supervision than can be provided by outpatient or in-home mental health services.
  • Significant risk of placement in an acute or psychiatric residential setting.

Referral Process

To refer a child to AWARE, please provide:

  • Clinical or psychiatric assessment with current mental status exam from the last 30 days.
  • Education records, including IEP, 504, or CST.
  • Any psychiatric/clinical evaluations from the last year.

For more information about our youth
residential group homes please contact:

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